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Parent’s Stories

13 Years Old Studying Chinese in Beijing - The Parent's Story

13 Years Old Studying Chinese in Beijing – The Parent’s Story

This is Part II of the story of 13 year-old Laodice, who travelled alone to China to learn Mandarin through LTL’s special program for children and families learning Chinese. This piece is written by Laodice’s mother, Maria. Part I: Laodice’s Story can be found here.   Written by Maria Kennedy (Laodice’s mother) Sending our 12 year-old daughter on a first trip alone…read more →

My Son's Shanghai Immersion Experience

My Son’s Shanghai Immersion Experience

My son Matt is 13 and has studied Chinese here in New Jersey for about 8 years, first at an immersion school, more recently on his own with a local tutor who is a native speaker.   His tutor recommended that we consider testing Matt several times a year to assess the quality of his Chinese as well as to provide…read more →

Our daughter's Chinese course

Our daughter’s Chinese course

We are just back from two wonderful weeks in Beijing. While we had been worried about staying two weeks in Beijing, we found the city to be easy to navigate (the subway is easy and all stops are written and announced in English), food was delicious and inexpensive (we found multiple locations with fresh noodles and dumplings) and so many…read more →

Learning Chinese as a family

Learning Chinese as a family

When looking for a language program, we had an extensive list of requirements for every member of our family. LTL put together a perfect program for all of us.  My sons took six hours of 2-on-1 classes per day and lived in homestays with Chinese families in both Beijing and Chengde.  With flexible class schedules, I was able to take…read more →

A parents perspective

A parents perspective

I am the father of a teenager, Tiare, who finished school last year. He wanted to take time out to learn a language before going to university. A challenge, as he only spoke one language, English, but also because he has reduced vision. Tiare was born with severe nystagmus and Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome). He does not have full…read more →